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Core concepts

Below are the core concepts of Connery SDK.


Think of an action as a basic task, something like a function with input and output parameters designed to do one specific thing.


Send email is an action in the connery-io/gmail plugin.


The plugin is a way to organize actions, provide a common configuration for them, and expose them with a standard API to clients.

Each plugin is represented by a GitHub repository and uses Connery SDK to define the actions and configuration. Once the plugin is implemented, the Connery SDK wraps it into a web service that provides a standard API for interacting with its actions.

We aim to create a rich ecosystem of open-source plugins that empower the community.


A connery-io/gmail plugin has a set of actions related to Gmail.

Plugin server

A plugin server is a web service generated by Connery SDK around a plugin. It provides a standardized REST API for interacting with the plugin's actions.


A client is an adapter that allows you to run actions from a specific platform or application.


An OpenAI GPTs client allows you to run actions from OpenAI GPT, a Slack client enables you to run actions directly from Slack, a LangChain Toolkit client allows you to run actions from your own applications using LangChain, etc.